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Julie Austin 11-29-2018 08:21 AM

2009 Buick Lacrosse CXL battery dead - how to get into trunk to get my battery jumper
I got into my car this morning and found the battery is dead. The problem is my battery charger to jump my battery is in the trunk, and I can't get into the trunk since the battery is dead. You can't unlock the trunk with the key since there's no key cylinder on the trunk, the key fob doesn't work, holding the door unlock button on the driver and passenger doors doesn't work, my rear seats don't fold down and you can't reach into the trunk in the back seat, and there doesn't appear to be any button above the license plate to unlock the trunk (there's a coiled spring you can pull, but I pulled it hard and nothing happened). I also don't have OnStar. I assumed I would be able to get into the trunk manually if the battery was dead, otherwise I would have stored the battery jumper in the back seat.

What should I do? Thanks for any advice!

hanky 11-29-2018 12:16 PM

You might have a few choices,
1. Have someone else with a pair of jumper cables merely connect them to allow you to get enough power to the elec system to allow you to open the trunk.
That would need to be a shop that provides road service or possibly a good friend/neighbor.
2. remove the rear seatback to allow access to the manual trunk release which should be explained in the owner's manual.
3. .Once you get it started, the cause of battery failure needs to be addressed so you don't get into this situation again.

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