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Questions about stereo

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I am going to be installing a stereo in a buddys 99 century. I'm trying to figure out what speakers to get for it. I am not completely sure if it is 4, or 6 speaker. It appears to have tweaters in the top part of the front doors in the armrest. Would that be considered 6 speakers? If so would any aftermarket components work for this? Sorry for the long post, TIA. Edited by: bobisfunny
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The amout of speakers don't matter at all, it's the size that matters. And yes everything aftermarket will work.

I'd say Being a GM it's prolly just like any other GM and you have a 4 speaker system, My skylark also gives the illusion of tweeters in the armrest, but I assure you upon cranking and ear cupping, it's not one. Like I said the amount of speakers doesn't matter, you can have as little as 1 or as many as a butt load(aka as many that fit in your car) I'm going out on a whim and saying your 2 front speakers up in the dash are 4" and the 2 on the back deck (behind the headrests of the back seat) are 6x9.

You Can use any car audio speeker, even if it doesn't physicaly fit in your car, you can still modify your car to fit it. Usualy people don't mod the car, and they stick with the factory sizes. 6x9's and 4's are very common sizes, and are used in compititions and such, therefor you'll have no trouble finding these speakers.

Your first step is removing the old ones. For a simple guide, I'll outline my 90 skylark system install.

the first thing I did was tear out one of my dash speakers, and took it with me speaker shopping, being a 4" it's hard to tell if it's not a 3.5" otherwise this should be the only speaker you'll have to bring with you, I guess if your smart Youd measure it not sure if it's 4" on the cone or the frame? anyways. I bought some new 4"'s took them home and installed them easy, used the factory wiring and didn't even have to touch the stereo.

next I took the cover off my back deck (instructions in your car manual) or just use your brain like I did. Saw the 6x9's (six inch by nine inch) a promanent size, it sticks out everyone knows a 6x9 BTWusualy, domestics use 6x9's imports use 6". I left my back deck down, went speaker shopping. drove home and installed them, factory wiring, nice and easy.

then I went and bought a Head unit (deck) this is where the fun started, cause my skylark was double din (big stereo) I had to get an adaptor that fits in the factory double din and converts it to single din (standard size deck) you can get these at Canadian tire if your canadian, or bestbuy if your american or prolly many other places. also I had to get an adaptor that converted my factory Deck plug (the pluge module that plugs into the back of the factory stereo which is the speaker wires, power, antena ect...) To the single din format, again canadian tire or bestbuy or some place like that, note: you don't need this part, but with out it you'll have to cut off the factory deck plug and rewire it to the single din plug (Pain in the but) went home, took my dash apart (out of the car) removed the old stereo, pluged the GM deck plug to single din adaptor, installed the double din to single din Cradle/bezzle, then installed the deck.

At this point, all the stereo Equpitment was new.. But that wasn't enuff for me..

I went out and got me 2 10" compitition Sub Drivers, build a custom box to fit my car like a glove, a mighty sexy glove. I stuffed a 1guage power wire throught a garden hose, Ran it on the underside of my car and up into the trunk via the spare tire well. where it hooks upto my stereo stuff..

Once I did that I did it the right way, I bought my new JVC deck, rewired the front speakers with heavyer guage wire (for more power handleing). Removed the Rear speaker wires. Ran a 20' RCA from the deck to the amp in the trunk for the 6x9's, New heavy guage wires from the amp to the 6x9's (rear speakers). Ran another RCA from the deck to the trunk to the amp for the 10"'s, new heavy guage wire from the amp to the 10's. Ran a remotewire (used to turn on amps when the stereo is turned on) with an inline switch, so I can turn off the amps manualy.

None of it was hard, just took lots of time and money. So in short, yeah you can use any aftermarket stereo / wire / speaker but it's easyer if you stay with your factory sizes.

BTW: that wasn't a long post [img]smileys/smiley17.gif[/img]Edited by: Harley
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